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At Summit, we are on a mission to help businesses thrive by creating strong strategies, fostering positive cultures, building powerful brands, and optimizing operations. We believe that by aligning these four pillars, organizations can achieve sustainable success.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Get to know the core members of our team.

Kim Vaughan
Founder & CEO

Kim is the founder and principal of Summit, a management consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations advance the change...

Erin Brooks
People & Culture

An accomplished senior Marketing and People & Culture executive, Erin has a unique skill set combining HR and marketing through her work...

Mark Thomson
Marketing & Brand

Mark helps companies craft and communicate their brand stories across a full range of media and customer contact-points. By giving brand...

Grant Gagnier

A senior Operations Executive with more than 30 years of industry experience, Grant has overseen business strategy and operations in...

Two qualities in particular stand out about the Summit leadership team.


Each of us is an experienced practitioner who has done the work we advise on. For us, this isn’t theory, it’s the wisdom that’s gained only through practice. As a result, you get solutions that not only sound good on the page but create real impacts throughout your business.


It’s us who you’ll actually work with. The professionals who pitch you the job are the ones who will partner with you to do the work. We engage in direct peer-to-peer relationships with leaders to shape the course of change for your organization.

And, there’s a third

We enjoy doing this and we take true pleasure in helping each of our clients plan and pursue the path that takes you to your summit.

A Network Built for Effectiveness &Efficiency

We bring top strategic, branding, culture-building and operational talent to the table – without the traditional overhead of an agency.

We're always looking for good talent!

Please forward your resume if interested in joining our growing team.

Transform Your Business by Driving Peak Performance.

The Summit team is ready to help you master the four drivers of peak performance.